Ferrari F430 Birthday Cake

Ferrari F430 Replica Birthday Cake Maker Benidorm, Costa Blanca:


Sometimes the most simple ideas are the most difficult! The only request from our customer for this one was- red Ferrari and no personalisation to the cake. ┬áThere wasn’t a specific model of Ferrari given to us so we decided to go with one of the most modern and best looking of the Ferrari collection. The only downside was that we’d probably chosen one of the most difficult to replicate!

All the lines of the Ferrari had to be accurate and all the detailing is near to scale of the real thing. Everything on the cake is edible and we were extremely happy with the end result.

Ferrari F430 Front Birthday Cake Benidorm Costa Blanca

Ferrari F430 Birthday Cake Front

Ferrari F430 Birthday Cake Rear

Ferrari F430 Birthday Cake Rear


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