Themed Cupcakes

We were recently asked to make 100 Cupcakes for the Grand re-launch of a ‘kid’s boutique’ based in La Nucia. The owner-Poppy wanted us to personalise each Cupcake with a topper to reflect the types of clothing and accessories she has on sale. She also wanted us to include diabetic versions of each Cupcake.

As the Cupcakes were mainly for the kid’s arriving on the day we didn’t want to include any fancy flavours and decided to go with Chocolate Mint, Rich Chocolate, Vanilla & Lemon. We went with a selection of toppers which included fondant replicas of children’s clothing- dresses, trousers, skirts, hats and added a few more detailed pieces such as prams and toddler drinking bottles. We also reproduced Poppy’s logo on several of the cupcakes by blending different colours of fondant icing.

The Cupcakes barely made it to the table without a couple being ‘tested’ and the re-launch day was a great success for Poppy and her family!

Cupcakes Benidorm

Cupcakes Benidorm


Fancy Cake Benidorm: Cupcake maker on the Costa Blanca. Cupcake Shop and Bakery.

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