Cupcake & Giant Cupcake Makers In Benidorm, Costa Blanca

If you’re as big a fan of CupCakes as we are, you’re sure to love our huge selection of Cupcakes!

We can make CupCakes In any flavour you can think of- You create them and we’ll make them! A selection of our favourite CupCake flavours are;

Classic CupCakes:

  • Vanilla CupCake
  • Chocolate Cupcake
  • Lemon CupCake
  • Strawberry CupCake

Filled CupCakes:

  • Mint Chocolate CupCake
  • Snickers CupCake
  • Mars Bar CupCake
  • Red Velvet CupCake
  • Carrot CupCake
  • Chocolate Caramel CupCake
  • Rocky Road CupCake
  • Jaffa CupCake
  • Cherry Bakewell CupCake
  • Chocolate Fudge CupCake
  • Chocolate Honeycomb CupCake

Naughty CupCakes:

  • Baileys CupCake
  • Tia Maria CupCake
  • Tequila Sunrise CupCake
  • Amaretto CupCake
  • Champagne CupCake
  • Mojito CupCake

Themed CupCakes:

  • Hen CupCakes
  • Valentines Day CupCakes
  • St Patricks Day CupCakes
  • Easter CupCakes
  • Christmas CupCakes
  • Halloween CupCakes
  • St Gerorges CupCakes
  • Character CupCakes

Our Cupcakes are priced at €2 per Cupcake for Classic, Filled & Naughty(Minimum order of 12). Our Themed & Personalised Cupcakes are priced at €2.50 (Minimum order of 12).

We offer large discounts on orders above 20 Cupcakes. Please Contact Us for more details.

Giant Cupcakes:

Our Giant CupCakes can be made in any of the above flavours or variety and are a great alternative to a traditional Celebration Cake.

Our Giant Cupcakes are Priced at €40.

We make personalised CupCakes to order for Birthday Parties, Hen Parties, CupCake Towers for Weddings and Cupcakes for all occasions. We also make ‘Giant’ Cupcakes which are a great alternative to a traditional Celebration Cake. For more details on Personalised CupCakes Please fill Contact Us.

Check Out More Of Our Our Cupcake Image Collection HERE

Fancy Cakes Benidorm-For All Your Birthday CupCake, Giant CupCake, Hen CupCake, CupCake Towers, Celebration CupCakes, Wedding CupCake Requirements In Benidorm & The Costa Blanca.

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